03 May Could It Be Food Related?

Asthma | Runny noses | Eczema | Tummy aches | Swelling eyes | Itchy skin | Strange facial rashes after eating | Aggression & Hyperactivity | Red ears and cheeks  | Irritability  | Day dreaminess and inattention

Could it be food related?

Foods have an amazing ability to support and to undermine our health depending on an individual ‘s biochemistry, DNA and epigenetics, nutritional imbalances, food allergies or intolerance.

Sensitivities to food can manifest in both physical or psychological disturbances. Unlike an allergic reaction to a food substance, which involves an immediate immune reaction, sensitivities to a food or food chemical may be more sublte, with symptoms appearing up to 2 days after consuming a food item.

Quite often, symptoms of food sensitivities are dismissed. This is primarily due to the fact that symptom onset is often delayed, and a person may have experienced a set of symptoms for weeks, months and sometimes years. If symptoms have been a regular part of your life for any length of time, trying to then associate a food culprit becomes difficult, especially if that food has been a regular part of your diet.  Additionally, many symptoms such as irritable bowel, hyperactivity, eczema and anxiety, are treated as “a condition” and not a sign that a person may have a food related issue.

So, what are some examples of the common types of foods, chemicals found naturally in foods and chemicals added to foods that we know can cause issues? There are many, but here is a short list of just a few common ones.

What can I do?

If there is a suspicion that a food or food chemical may be causing you a health issue, when you feel your symptoms worsen,  try to recall what you have eaten  over the past couple of days. Have your meals contained any food or food chemicals that may be the trigger for your symptoms?

Nutritional plans must be adapted and refined according to your specific health condition. There are numerous targeted nutritional interventions that have been developed to treat and prevent conditions.

What are some of the conditions that have had specific nutrition plans developed to help?
  •    Anxiety
  •    Asthma
  •    Allergies
  •    ADHD
  •    Behavioral Disorders
  •    Coeliac Disease
  •    Diabetes
  •    Depression
  •    Hyperthyroidism
What are some of the nutrition plans that can help?

Could your health be suffering due to food related issues?