Liz Mountford


Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine

Current Research Honours Candidate (completion 2017) – Investigating the impact of nutrients on the intracellular alpha-synuclein protein formation in Parkinsons Disease.

Associate Nutritionist – Nutrition Society of Australia & Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association

Private Health Rebates May Be Available. Check With Your Provider.

I currently consult privately and through regional health practices to clients across the south-west of Western Australia on how to use nutrition as a way of assisting in the treatment of many health conditions.

I take a holistic approach that supports and works with any treatments from your doctor and I have a particular interest in the role of the gut and how the balance and interactions of gut bacteria affect people’s overall¬† physical and mental health.

To further my professional development alongside my consulting practice, I am completing a post graduate research honors degree in nutrition and dietetic medicine. I will be specifically focusing on the effects of diet or nutrients on reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease from both a physical and biological perspective.

My Background

The majority of my working life was spent in busy corporate environments in the UK and Australia, with long hours, and not feeling able to focus on my health and well being. A number of years ago, I became increasingly frustrated that I had lost control of that part of my life. I decided it was time to manage this properly and ultimately resulted in a change in career.

Having grown up on a farm in the South West, I had always been interested in good food, nutrition and how the quality of organic farm sourced foodstuffs impacted on health. I knew there was a lot of information on diets, food, nutrition and supplements and I noticed how people were always reading and talking about the latest trends in this area, without a real scientific understanding of what they were proposing to do to their bodies. I found all this information extremely confusing and didn’t know what to believe. What was very apparent, was that the people who ate a diet of whole unprocessed foods, felt and looked the healthiest.

I wanted to find out why, work out fact from fiction and, with my interest already in food and it’s nutritional value, I completed a Bachelors degree in Health Science and specifically Nutritional Medicine.

I now use this knowledge and my practical experience to help people to understand how food and nutrition can benefit their health and assist them in managing numerous health related issues.