“My mission is to change your health and well being using food and nutrition”

Do you want

  • the ability to plan your daily and weekly menus from your PC, phone or tablet?
  • to enjoy the health benefits of having access to whole food recipes?
  • to easily control the foods that you can or can’t eat on your chosen plan?
  • to access recipes with simple ingredients available in your local farmers market or supermarket?
  • to have a shopping list instantly produced for you?
  • to take the stress out of implementing a nutritional change?

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I use a unique nutrition platform to help provide additional support to my clients after their consultations, especially where specific nutrients are to be excluded or focused upon.

This platform is only available to qualified nutrition practitioners and allows me to tailor a diet to your individual nutritional needs and provide you with the flexibility of easily accessing recipes that cater for that diet. I have access to over 30 different therapeutic diets, with recipes that are filtered to meet the nutritional standards for a chosen diet.

The nutritional plans include:

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Initially,  you will have 4 weeks access to your nutrition plan, but this can be extended.

Start the journey to health and well being

To begin your journey to health and well being I will need an initial consultation with you to ensure it is suitable for your particular health needs. These specific diets are used in clinic for certain health issues, and it is important progress is monitored on a regular basis so adjustments can be made as necessary.

I am covered to offer consultations in person, telephone or via Skype.

As a qualified registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, you will have access to me to ensure any issues or questions you have are applied factually to suit you as an individual.

Remember to check with your private health insurance for rebates.


Further Details on Some of The Nutrition Plans

Sugar Free?

Sugar is one of the worst ingredients added to food. It has no nutrient value, excess consumption turns to fat, it increases the risk of insulin resistant, type 2 diabetes, obesity and fatty liver. Sugar also impacts our brain chemistry, hormones and worsens our blood lipid profile such as triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

Low Carbohydrate?

Low carbohydrate diets are increasingly being recognised as helping combat many of the health issues that have exploded over the last couple of decades. Low carbohydrate eating has been proven in many clinical trials as the best option for weight control and control of insulin levels for people suffering from obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.


A Paleo based diet, promotes food that are high in nutrition such as: fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, good quality meats and fats, whilst avoiding foods that are low in nutritional value. The foods that are avoided on a Paleo type nutritional plan, such as: refined carbohydrates, processed oils, sugars, dairy and grains, which can cause health issues for many people.

Gluten Free?

There is now good evidence that even if you are not diagnosed with celiac, many people suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and benefit from a gluten free diet.  It is important to ensure if you go onto a gluten free diet, you do not consume highly processed ‘gluten-free’ foods, which are usually high in sugar, but focus on using gluten free whole foods. This diet helps you manage that process.

Whole Foods?

If you just want to kick start your health by following a nutrition plan that promotes a variety of unprocessed foods, then this is the plan for you. You will get to sample many different recipes, all promoting a whole food nutritional approach to health and well being.


Plant based diets tend include large amounts of nutrient dense vegetables, salads and fruits.

* This plan includes dairy and eggs.

Raw Food?

A raw food diet, is the consumption of fresh, nutrient-rich plant foods that have not been heat processed at high temperatures.  As this is a predominantly plant based diet, certain nutrients only found in meat based products may need to be supplemented long term. Some foods are “cooked” in a low temperature oven or food dehydrator to help breakdown some of the natural nutrient inhibitors found in some plant foods.