Water Kefir Jubes

Raspberry & Strawberry Probiotic Gummies made with Water Kefir

Download the recipe by clicking on this link here –> Raspberry & Strawberry Probiotics

Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diets and Its Theraputic Potential in Disease Managment

Download an information sheet, by clicking on this link here –> Ketogenic Diet Information Sheet

milk kefir

Milk Kefir Health Benefits Information Sheet, Instuctions and Recipe Download

Download an information sheet, instructions on how to make milk kefir and a recipe for Berry Milk Kefir Smoothie by clicking on this link here –> Milk Kefir Health Benefits, How to Make & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Diabetes Post

Sample of a 3 Day Low Carbohydrate Menu

Download sample menu here  –> 3 Day Menu Sample

*Full access to my nutriton platform is for clinic clients only after a full consultation as variations to a nutrition protocol will vary for each individual person.

How Certain Foods Impact Blood Glucose Levels

Download information sheet here –> Impact of Food on Blood Glucose


Could you have a Vitamin B Deficiency?

Download an information sheet here  –> Could you have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency?



Keto, Chicken, Avocado & Bacon Salad Recipe Download here –> Keto Chicken, Avocado & Bacon Salad – Recipe | Food & Nutritional Therapies


Nutrition for Alzherimer’s & the Bredesen Protocol

Download an information sheet here –> Nutrition for Alzheimer’s Disease

Water Kefir

Water Kefir Starter Recipe

Download a copy of your water kefir starter recipe information sheet by clicking on the blue link –> Water Kefir Recipe

List of Common Food Additives
List of Common Food Additives

Do you know what chemicals are in your food?

Download information sheet with a list of common food chemicals here by clicking on the blue link –> Food Additives to Avoid


What is Histamine and can diet help?

Download information sheet here :  Histamine – Info Sheet

Food & Mood Diary
Food & Mood Diary

Are you unsure if there is a connection with your symptoms and food?

Download my Food & Mood Diary to help track your food intake with your moods.

Click on link and download here –> Food & Mood Diary


Have you got Mondayitis?

Let me help you with this super easy 1 pot wonder  ….

Download here : One Pot Wonder Chicken and Rice

Super Quick Chicken Soup
Super Quick Chicken Soup

The days are starting to draw in and feel little bit cooler . This makes it perfect soup weather.

Here is a simple “Super Quick Chicken Soup” taken from my practitioner only nutrition platform by Victus Health.

It’s easy, quick, delicious and nutritious.

Download here :  Super Quick Chicken Soup