Keeping A Healthy Brain Weekly Meal Plan – Part 2

how physical activity can help cognitive health

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Keeping a Health Brain with Physical Activity including a 7-Day Meal Plan

There is compelling evidence that nutrition and lifestyle factors play an important role in brain health and maintaining cognitive function in the prevention of cognitive decline or its progression to dementia.

I will be releasing a 4 x 1-week meal plan focusing on diet and nutrition to help protect and maintain cognitive health. Each meal plan will feature one of the following action areas:

1. Diet & Nutrition – Part 1 Released
2. Activity – Part 2 Released
3. Sleep
4. Connection

This second meal plan features information about how Activity can support cognitive health and recipes to support not only brain health but also the body with increased physical activity.  Each of the weekly meal plans contains:

  • Background information on the action area that is being focused on for the meal plan.
  • A completed meal plan for you with carefully selected recipes focusing on nutrition to support brain health.
  • There are over 40 recipes.
  • A blank meal plan if you prefer to plan your meals.
  • A shopping list.
  • Recipes with nutrition profiles.
  • Recipe notes.

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Stay Safe.


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